Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Apex Predators in Hawaii are OUT OF CONTROL, Shark Attacks up 500% as Fukushima Radiation Rolls In

And I don't mean the lawyers.....

I had to update this on Dec 15 when the numbers of attacks increased from 11 to 14 with Nov and Dec attacks.   Here is the new chart!   Out of control Tiger Sharks!

And here, apparently the Big Gov of Hawaii has told the site to stop updating any more shark attacks, as it is not good for the crucially important winter tourism.   Very odd, don't you think?

Shark attacks approaching 1 per month in Hawaii, 300% to 400% higher than prior to Fukushima.

The food chain is really being hit hard.

It is always risky when you kill the largest ocean on the HOME PLANET

And this article about 4 attacks in Maui in one week, IS NOT THE 4 attacks in the last 2 weeks, its from August!

Check out the chart below.

Maui is seeing a shark attack on an average of 1 every 2 months

Source data

Also take note of all the nasty algae. Maui has seen explosive growth and excessive amounts of fertilizers and pesticides. Many of the "old school" landowners on the ocean simply rebuild their cesspools on the sly without permit, as a more modern, even a $30,000 aerobic septic system may be required. Also the tour boats that go to Molokini simply dump their human waste into the ocean because for a while they were outside the 3 mile limit. The people of Maui are literally shitting out their ocean. That creates the algae, and if you do kayak or paddle board on the Makena side, you will quite often see fairly new feces floating in the water.

And here is another news story of a Nov 31 shark bite in Maui.....somehow the story was disappeared, even though 2 mile of prime beach was closed.    hmmmm I guess when the bites start coming back to back days, they just have to "do something".   Shark bites not good for business.

And check out this video, a huge shark jumps at the kayak fishermans fish, just feet from his kayak.


  1. You might find this interesting

  2. You have a McDonald's ad at the bottom of your page. McDonald's is probably not helping Hawaiian waters either!

    1. Now their is a Snorg Tees ad, I think that might be helping Hawaii!

  3. I appreciate the comment

    I see, says the blind man while watching his MSM mind control TV.

    That was a lousy debunk IMHO, pot shots at spelling. The most telling is high readings on beach, and then when he goes towards the water it goes to 40 to 50.....of course....the spray is continually landing on the beach, aggregating the radiation. Near the water, you will only get what is in the air right then and there. The water itself is a hella good shield, so you wont be measuring the water itself. My calcs are that a 250,000 square mile expanse of the Pacific has 47 bequerel per Cubic Foot, and maybe up to 500 Bq/CF depending on how badly TEPCO has been lying.

  4. Is there any data on shark populations? That 12 years of attack numbers doesn't mean much if there are way more sharks of aggressive breeds today.

  5. Possibly the shark can smell that humans are the lowest irradiated food source. Ravens and Polar Bears won't touch the dead irradiated seals and walrus in AK, so predators have a sense of bad v good meat.

    1. Don't worry, once you bioaccumulate, you will be protected from shark attack.