Radiation Decorporation Resources

Best site on treating radiation.    Hint, it takes preparation.  Great site, please review.   There are actual treatments for almost every type of radiation, most could be self administered with planning. 


Great link on radiation decorpation (removal)
for Uranium a good treatment is Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda, no joke here), and for blocking other radiation elements, Tums is actually really good.   I have heard none of this anywhere but my own research.

Maybe "they" are worried about scaring people and having a run on Tums.   A rancher wouldn't treat his livestock like this.

Be careful to too many "holistic" home remedies, don't just pursue something in a feel good hippy kind of way.

Cesium and Prussian Blue, Fukuhsima Japan
Hey Y'all, we aren't in worry mode in Hawaii, we are in preparation mode.

Link is Cesium and Animals
Bottom line biological half life of 70 days, and Cesium can be excreted...however, can do plenty damage until then, it sits mostly in your muscles.   Your heart is a muscle, alot of highly trainedathletes have just been keeling over this year.