Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anne's Research on Fukushima Infrared, Exposes TEPCO Lies

More of Anne's Research on Fukushima Infrared. 
Pulls down the genes on the Reactor 4 Mox Load

Infrared Imagery Fukushima
I went through all 25 of these files:
You can see the heat signature of fuel in the core of reactor #4 at a red level on the thermal image for # 3, 4, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22.

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  1. If Mr. Duff continues in browbeating the respectable and oft underestimated septuagenarian confined to a wheelchair whom speaks 18 languages,
    then please ask him from me "Why have you been banned from commenting in both the main part of Fukushima Diary as well as Iori's Cbox"? (am bookmarking this page)

    If requested, i will pull some links from FD & Internet Archive, and others can discern for themselves.

    Will be forced to use Internet Archive for commentary previous to the July/August massive site redesign, as commentary there is automatically "disappeared" or deleted after an article becomes two weeks old since that major site change.

    His short shrift of Anne/VanneV is very, very reminiscent of one former commentard, alias "Niall", whom seems to have posted on Ene, presumably via VPN, by many unforgettable pseudonyms.

    I know i cannot tell him what to do, as he would tell me where to go.

    It sucked the one time i suffered his "friendly-fire", but when i first "met" him there, probably a little while before your article here was first posted, he was under constant viscous attack by (de)"Niall" & "diemos". It appeared a very unfair fight, and i invested my diminished time at school in effort to even the odds.

    Towards the end, Niall had left, and diemos, Mr. Duff & myself were actually able to carry on a reasonable conversation one day. That one day left me wanting more. I have yet to see it.

    I miss talking to Mr. Duff. I wish he hadn't been banned from Mochizuki-san's site.
    His heart seemed in the right place, even if his methodology was askew.
    Most of all, i wish he would learn from his mistakes, and ACKNOWLEDGE THEM, even if only to himself.

    You are just as human as any of the rest of us Bill. Please be more humane.

    Isn't that one reasoning of why "nukular" technology is failed?
    It relies upon perfect performance of imperfect beings, from construction to decomissioning. (No more decomissioning inEPTCO-style!!!)

    I've never had a Workman's Compensation claim because i acknowledge that people, including myself, make mistakes. Generally speaking, we repeat the same mistakes over and over, until hopefully we learn from those mistakes. If we are more conscientious, perhaps we learn from our successes too. If we are really on the ball, perhaps we need learn from others mistakes and successes as well.

    Please don't do to Enenews what has been wrought on Fukushima-Diary.
    Look at that site. Where are the commenters? They are few and far in between, where one year ago it was a thriving site.

    Houston; we have a problem.