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Don't let your co-workers see that you are reading a "Prepper" Site.   They aren't getting ready, they are looking for that big bright QE3 future, where Money is conjured up from thin air in an Orwellian Cauldron of Bankster profits.    AND if the SHTF they will just go to your place.

Don't brag about your preps, no good can come of it.   The thin veneer of civilization can be stripped away in less than 72 hours.

Preppers are tending to the extreme lately.    They recommend that even while prepping, don't buy too much of anything at once, just spread out your shopping, buy up what is on sale, and don't buy $800 at a time.   When time allows, I will add some links to some Prepper Books that I can recommend.   PS you need hardcopy books, don't rely on anything electronic, even the ubiquitous internet or your Ipad feed.

Putting this stuff together will give you a great psychological edge, and it will get your family members somewhat involved.   They probably think you are wacky already so there is nothing to lose, and they may  get into it.   It is important that all your family members feel a little prepared, it will be a huge positive factor when the SHTF, just think about it, give it 30 seconds of thought to how an emergency would affect those prepared compared to those completely unprepared.   Got that vision?   Good now take action.    

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