Sunday, November 23, 2014

Massive Radiation Found in the Upper Atmosphere

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Very interesting findings on my last airplane flight.    It was during the day, so good lighting, and no adjacent passengers, so I could do plenty of Geiger testing without getting anyone upset.

I have video and pictures are will place these into a post at Nukepro when I can

There was considerable radiation differences in different areas on the flight path, and at the same cruising altitude.    Basically 11 CPS to 15 CPS.   CLICKS PER SECOND!   not per minute, per second!

The upper atmosphere is FULL of radiation.    Much more so than 20 years ago.     Cosmic radiation is various stuff, and what you will pick up on an Inspector Geiger will be gamma.    There is no beta radiation in Cosmic.   

A few centimeters of flesh will stop all Beta radiation

By putting the Pancake Style Geiger on my leg, I can effectively block all beta coming from the "downside".     Beta from the "upside" will still hit the Geiger tube, so I can block half the Beta

In multiple repeated tests the readings quickly ramped down from 15 CPS to 11 CPS doing the Leg Beta Blocker test routine <LBB>(TM stock 2014).     This is a delta of 4 CPS due to Beta being blocked on one side of the pancake geiger.

Since I was blocking 50% of the Beta with the flesh of my leg (or stomach as shown in the video), this means there is 2 times 4 CPS beta in the aircraft.   8 CPS Beta, of 480 CPM Beta inside the air of the airplane.    I see.

This Beta, to repeat, is not Cosmic.   Fukushima is here.

Review the Nukepro Geiger interpretation chart here to see what 240CPM means.

Here are 2 videos shot back to back that shows the massive Beta reduction using "body shielding".

This is 13 CPS, Clicks per second.    A normal background radiation level in modern days is 25 CPM Clicks per minute.    Do you see an issue here?

This is a different display mode on the Radiation Alert Inspector, it shows micro Sv per hour, based on assumption of Cesium as the isotope.    At 4 mSv/H there is a real risk of cancer if exposed for 90 days, see the table below.    Flight crews are in danger.

Craig-123 from ENENEWS contributed the following information

This other site did more like a "data logging" using altitude, but claimed it all to be cosmic, which is gamma and Xrays

And here is some stuff from Anti-Proton

* For more: view Anti-Proton's You-Tubed high altitude experiences at:

Here is a view of the "Alpha window" on the backside of the inspector, the door actually makes a nice standoff so you can put the inspector over a radiation test plate and yet not touch the sample.

United Airlines cabin, complete with high beta emitting air.   


  1. The Inspector Geiger has an Alpha window on it, so I tested with window opened and closed, no difference therefore very little alpha.

  2. Yes, this is a vital public service. We need people to do the same on different routes. BTW, Stock, where did the flight occur? Duration?

    1. Chicago to Honolulu, 9 hours. I took readings most of the flight

  3. Great citizen journalism, Well done, build the evidence, the system doesn't want us to know how bad the situation really is. I still believe that Honshu should be evacuated and I have seen nothing to change my mind on this for over 1200 days now..

  4. Excellent reporting stock Do you think buying a used counter would be ok? How to test accuracy? I have access to radiation beams at the hospital if could be calibrated that way

    1. Used might be OK, top quality is around 600

  5. the craft shell itself would block alpha particles. Unless of course they were sucked in through the ventilation system somehow and made it past the filters. Paper can stop alpha, as deadly as they are!

  6. @Joe I wonder how much filters they have? Can't imagine much. Agreed on the Alpha stop though.

  7. The closer one travels to the Tropics, from my perspective near the 49th, the thicker the atmosphere, no?

    PS: Here is something for Ontological: