Sunday, May 13, 2012

From MDINOREGON a good poster Report showing cesiums and cobalt from Toyko, not Fukushima, not even directly down wind from the explosions, (most blew out to sea.....eventually America). Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it markkocaldo 26 Fans Become a fan 2 hours ago ( 4:00 PM) Fairwinds is not a credible source. Try again. MD Yep, love NOT CREDIBLE when it comes from a totally incredible and totally unreliable source. Let us review some facts. Fairewinds said there were melt downs THREE months before TEPCO, IAEA said there were meltdowns. NRC and AREVA both said meltdowns at first, and then instantly scrubbed all reports off the net. Fairewinds said that meltdowns had flown out of Reactor Pressure Vessel, endoscope a couple of months ago Proved it. Fairewinds said it was a "7" same class as Chernobyl, after a month, IAEA gave it a 7. I don't think Arnie is the one who need to worry about being credible. ROFLMAO at markie puke (Pro-nUKE)

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