Saturday, April 7, 2012

Human and Cycles

Humans and Cycles

Humans can never be trusted with nuke.

There WILL be

Economic Cycles
Social Mood Cycles
Political Cycle
Times of bad industry regulation and capture
Times of bad company internal regulation and blindness
Mother Nature
Carrington Event
Terrorist attacks
Waste that lasts forever.

Anyone of these items alone would be enough to say "no nukes".

Exactly, "it wasn't taken seriously when it mattered".     Like the central planner now thinking that they can "engineer" an economy, and the nuke planners thinking that they can put every element under control and keep it there.    WAKE UP!    You just can't play with the most dangerous toy on earth and expect not to get fried.  


  1. What a wonderful Poll Stock!!
    I voted for almost all of them!
    I'll spread it around!

  2. Well Done!

    Remember the Japanese living in Tokyo and northern Japan all thought they were safe before 3/11/11 because their Nuclear Industry and their Governmental regulators all told them that nuclear was 100% safe; that has now been proven FALSE!

    Nature does not follow reactor design spec.'s, or earth movement calculations; in short, no reactor is "Nature Proof". it is time for all our Leaders to stop living in Nuclear Denial* and accept the fact that all reactors are not 100% safe.

    We all live with the "threat" of a BIG earth quake (EQ) happening in SoCal but we only need to look again at Fukushima to see how a meltdown has made their disaster orders of magnitude more dangerous to deal with. Now northern Japan is covered with radioactive fallout that continues to add daily to the health problems the Japanese now face and it has even is spreading Globally via the jet stream and our Ocean currents! The threat of yet additional meltdowns in Fukushima if any of the remaining spent fuel pools should collapse could dramatically affect life as we know it, since a Hydro-Corium Steam "event" would put massive amounts of radioactive pollution into the Earth's atmosphere. As an example, we in the USA, have not been kept informed of exactly what has been coming from Fukushima, because that information is being played down by MSM to protect the nuclear Industry; we have only been told that it is below "safe thresholds" is a great study of what has gotten all the way around the Planet to Lithuania, after passing over the Pacific, North America, the Atlantic and much of Europe:

    It is time for everyone in SoCal to realize that we have just been LUCKY So FAR, but there is nothing we can do to remove the threat of a nuclear reactor meltdown happening here except De-Commission SORE, then we will be able to live Nuclear Meltdown Free, SoCal is too good a place to become a Nuclear Waste "No Go" Zone.

    *Nuclear Denial
    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

  3. As posted at

    The day before Easter 2012, I'm reminded of a warning about another historic disaster, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the still ongoing discussion about if the US Military and or US Gov't. had any advanced knowledge of the attack but decided instead to "stand down" for political reasons…

    Fukushima's reactor #4 spent fuel pool (SFP) is a potentially similar "event" only this time the Japanese UN Ambassador is warning US ahead of time in no uncertain terms, and even asking for HELP to prevent it…

    Please demand some answers form your State and National Leaders as to why our President and Government's Leaders are not also demanding that this Potential "LIFE AS WE KNOW IT" event is not even being discussed by our MSM!

    We do not want another Global disaster to start in Calif.

  4. Nice transfer of SONGS to SORE!