Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Humans and Cycles

Humans can never be trusted with nuke.

There WILL be

Economic Cycles
Social Mood Cycles
Political Cycle
Times of bad industry regulation and capture
Times of bad company internal regulation and blindness
Mother Nature
Carrington Event
Terrorist attacks
Waste that lasts forever.

Anyone of these items alone would be enough to say "no nukes".

Exactly, "it wasn't taken seriously when it mattered".     Like the central planner now thinking that they can "engineer" an economy, and the nuke planners thinking that they can put every element under control and keep it there.    WAKE UP!    You just can't play with the most dangerous toy on earth and expect not to get fried.    

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  1. True that. Unfortunately I think most people simply don't know. Education as to the severe dangers of man-made nuclear radiation/energy is hidden from folks on purpose. A collection of videos that gives a bird's eye view of what has, is and is going to happen on The Rad Show