Monday, February 27, 2012

Plutonium in MOX was launched into your lungs

The plutonium in MOX fuel, which is what blew out of reactor 3 in dramatic fashion, is roughly 5% to 10% of the whole fuel weight.    

EPA reported Radnet data shows Uranium in air increasing to 2600% of baseline levels, so idiot pronukers reporting that this cannot even be measured, are that ---idiots, criminals of techno speak.  

These levels of uranium, in terms of density in kG per meter cubed need a certain amount of uranium to create those levels.    In the analysis attached, it is clear that AT LEAST 18 tons of uranium were ejected from reactor 3 and aerosolized to show up in the EPA RAD net reports.    Well that means a proportional amount of plutonium  was already ejected and aerosolized.  

Review the film clip here.   There is no more reactor 3, they are large and yellow, on the same site are high quality pictures that show reactor 4 (still exists) and reactor 3 (gone away, only a few yellow fragments can be seen in the rubble).

The plutonium is the 8000lb Gorilla in the room, plutonium is the most dangerous substance known to man except for a few bio-warfare agents.  If the truth got out, then the ability of the nuke industry to get rid of their plutonium waste by re-burning it, would be stopped.    And since the nuke industry has no long term storage solution lasting 100's of thousands of years, well then the whole nuke industry would have a big problem going forward.  

And the nuke industry doesn't want to give up their toys, their sexy science, their way of pumping their ego in their godlike pursuit of turning matter into energy - TO BOIL WATER.   Not to mention that nuke income pays for their living, their expensive houses, and THEIR PENSIONS.

In no way can they let the 8000lb gorilla into public view.    We all been dosed with plutonium and uranium which are both deadly poisons as HEAVY METALS, in fact they are both just minorly radioactive, it is HEAVY METAL TOXICITY that kills us, and breaks down our ability to fight other disease.

We are all downwind, Shut them all Down now


  1. And amen. Low or high, internal or external, human and other biological contamination from the heavy metals of man-made radiation is mind blowing. I wish this sh*t glowed in the dark. Until then we are left doing our best to educate the folk to the rad dangers the are blindly living in. Occupiers especially need to hear the rad word,152.0.html