Sunday, October 19, 2014

Making of Fukushima Archives--Coriums in the River Bed

Or-well found this video of the making of Fukushima.    It really shows the massive extent that they went to make the situation as bad as could be.

They removed a mountain in order to have the plant at a low height above the ocean.

They covered up a river bed and now they can't control the ground water, imagine that.

They were counseled by the USA economic hit men.

Here is the source video

Check it out and drop a comment!

Old River Bed
Look at all the nice "Economic Hit Men" with short hair and ties, you can trust them Hey lets make a model of some waves, that will make the plant safe! Blasting the mountain to kingdom come




  1. Why hasn't General Electric been held accountable for this tragedy. It appears cost cutting and incompetence were responsible.

    1. GE is the eonomic hitman. they also own 650 news media outlets. Imagine that.

      Now they are a powerhouse in cancer treatments, how evil is that?

  2. "We've covered every detail to ensure that no environmental factor could lead to reactor failure. Nothing could possibly go wrong here. Did anyone run those Tsunami numbers? Who was assigned to run those numbers? Well what happened to them? Your dog ate them? Crap! Well, boys, we're done here. It's Saki time!"
    If only we to could back the clock of time, but "You don't get a sneak preview of the things you are going to go through, so you have to rely on your body and mind to see through a life of shame." ~ Chris Youlden

    1. ya, if you watch the whole video (link is above) the first half of the documentary is all about testing stuff....stuff that didn't matter a hill of beans.

      All they had to do was get GE to seelct some high head pumps, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they elected to drop the plant to sea level rather than get high head pumps.


  3. construction industry mafia

  4. We are done with our project at ENEnews. It was revealing and fun. BTW this message is being sent from our public library across from the high school where we have been engaged in a civics project to engage hard core antinuclear activists.

    The one thing antinukes claim is empathy. Well I scored very high on this test. I challenge you to do better. You might learn something about yourself and those in your cause. I do not believe they have tolerance for opposing views.

    1. OH ya, that is real funny, esp. because I logged your IP at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I will leave your comment up.

      No one will believe your original story, but pray tell, please post up a copy of your report, use BOX to post files

  5. Are these facts true...

    GEH USA and GEH Canada are two seperate identities and neither can operate on the other sides of the borders in case of a nuclear disaster. So that they hedge their continuation as a global citizen of terror?


    Did GE declare to the Japanese client that problems with the Mark 1 rector cooling system was evident, prior to purchase?

  6. Aloha
    [off-topic] Quote of fireguyjeff: "Admin:
    I think there is a mistake in the headline.

    The reference to " 30,000 pCi/kg of cesium" appears to be derived from
    Dr. Metzger's presentation out of context.

    The 30,000 value is the US FDA's DIL (Derived Intervention Limit).

    30,000 pCi/kg of cesium or less in milk is what the FDA will allow instead of implementing any sort of intervention.

    The 30,000 value is not from any specific measurement data from Dr. Metzger."

    Are we talking 10,000 pCi/kg then?
    I hope ene gets on that ... don't want to see any ammo sitting around for the wrong to get their grubby little protuberances on, eh?

    Teenager Bronwyn Delacruz
    (& sccc, radchick, etc) have the FDA's asps kicked in the data department.. They don't seem limited to GAMMA ONLY, as noted by jec??? I think that level of data might just overload FDA's donkey cart, though. They haven't exactly handled the truth so far the way a natural-born individual would hope to expect.
    I have some work to complete on (hopefully) final MassStorage pack for NT5, and will need be offline more oft than not over the next couple of weeks..[/off-topic]


    1. With that combo of MassStorage & DPs_BASE or SteveSi's Easy2Boot, one can install old OS's on newer hardware, providing you have a valid license, of course. Old licenses are cheap, & some use machines for dedicated purposes that eventually die out & have to find a way to replace the function. It's been my pet project after 2011 where i hoped could make some positive difference. Made certain to ensure Sound packs were able to support wide variety of cards for those doing pulse-recording spectroscopy via onboard or connectible audio.
      Can't wait to finish off the old branch & get going with later OS.

      Remember, Friends don't let friends run XP for internet access anymore (unless they are network security researchers, perhaps...)

      Arigato. "Shut them all down, shut 'em all down 3PO.."

    2. Ironically, that site may go dark from time to time over the winter.

      The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind...