Friday, February 14, 2014

Meteor and Comet Attack, TPTB will NOT warn you, they will lie even after the fact

The recent Russia Asteroid/Meteor event shed light on one important fact.    The powers that be, the experts, will not warn you when the Shite is about to hit the fan.

I hypothesize that the earth is often subject to multiple "attacks" from space rocks.   You really MUST SEE the end of this article, you will be shocked.

Here is some backup from the Recent Russia "attack"
Did you ever here of the "Great Chicago Fire" of 1871 (October 8, 1871)

The fire was blamed on a cow tipping over a lantern

The firefighters were tired because they had been fighting another big fire the previous day, although the other fire did not get out of control (Remember this now, I'll tie it all together at the end)
On October 7, 1871, 30 of the 185 Chicago Fire fighters were injured fighting the "other fire"

October 7,1871 a planning mill on Canal Street set fire. It grew four blocks before firemen could get it under control. The fire left a loss of $750,000. Firemen themselves had taken a toll. Many pieces of apparatus were destroyed or put out of commission. The firemen were also worn out after 16 hours of combating the flames.

The Chicago Fire killed 300 people.

As a boy getting schooled in Wisconsin, we learned about the Peshtigo Wisconsin Fire, which is still the worst fire in human history for loss of life (ignoring the fires of Tokyo which were set by US bombs), and I remember the teacher exclaiming on what a huge coincidence that the Chicago fire was on the same day.

The blaze began at an unknown spot in the dense Wisconsin forest. It first spread to the small village of Sugar Bush, where every resident was killed. High winds then sent the 200-foot flames racing northeast toward the neighboring community of Peshtigo. Temperatures reached 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, causing trees to literally explode in the flames.
Article here

Actually, the Peshtigo fire started on Oct 7, 1871, the same day as the smaller Canal street fire in Chicago which was contained.   The Peshtigo fire took 1,200 to 2,400 lives, there were not enough survivors to identify many of the dead who were buried in mass graves.

Alot of "unexplained fires" have occured in the mid-west and Canada.

Manistee, Michigan had also saw a large fire that wiped out a town of 3500 people 


Holland Michigan, also had a great fire that devoured the city with lighting speed.

And another fire listed as the 4th largest Epic Disaster occured at Port Huron Michigan wiping out 1,200,000 acres and taking 200 lives.   Weird also that 10 years later Port Huron was hit again and 1,000,000 acres burned and 282 lives were lost.

Illinois took another fire hit as Urbana Illinois (about 135 miles southwest of Chicago) was destroyed by Fire.

And further east and north om Windsor Canada, across the river from Detroit, also got nailed with a City destroying fire
A fire consumed much of Windsor's downtown core on October 12, 1871, destroying over 100 buildings.

And in Minnesota, in a less populated area

On October 3, Professor Cleveland Abbe, one of the US Signal Service forecasting meteorologists scribbled the following comment on the edge of his weather map: "Unparalleled fire in northeast Minnesota-- great fire in northwest Minnesota." At the time, a prairie fire swept along a 100-mile (160 km) front from Breckenridge, Minnesota to the Big Woods.

This chart showed that the midwest was dry that year, but not crazy dry

OK - To Wrap it All Up
With all those midwest mega fires, what date and year did they occur?

Manistee, MI            October 8, 1871
Holland, MI              October 8, 1871
Urbana, IL                October 9, 1871
Windsor, Ontario       October 12, 1871
Breckenridge, MN     October 3, 1871

10 Fires around
Peshtigo, WI              October 7, 1871
Canal street, IL          October 7, 1871
Chicago Fire              October 8, 1871

So now, if we were about to fly through a group of asteroids, do you think the powers that be would warn you in any way?    After they have covered up Fukushima?

Similar events have happened, with the "coincidence" being discounted by the "experts"

On November 27, 1885, an iron meteorite fell in northern Mexico, at the same time as a 15,000 per hour outburst of the Andromedid meteor shower. The Mazapil meteorite has sometimes been attributed to the comet, but this idea has been out of favor since the 1950s as the processes of differentiation required to produce an iron body are not believed to occur in comets.

Finally, I guess I need to fess up, a few other people have put together The Chicago, Peshtigo, and Manistee fires

Finally, some of the debunker's debunkers comments are just hilarious

Others have looked to science, saying the coincidence of two such great fires happening in one evening is too much to believe. Some think Biela’s Comet, which was passing over the Northern Hemisphere at the time, could have dropped balls of methane, which ignited the flames. This theory has been disputed by many, who claim the meteorites which fall to earth are not warm enough to set fires.
And others have pointed to the 1871 Fire Storm as linked to a specific comet that broke up and created an "asteroid field".     Comet Biela

Ruth -- I read with great interest the material you sent. It is very similar to studies we made prior to publishing our hypothesis on the internet. While the historical data is accurate, the final conclusions are short-sighted.The best way to illustrate the physics involved is to study what happens on a billiards (pool) table. The Q ball is like the comet Biela. It strikes the target balls (asteroid belt), imparting greater velocity to these targets than the resultant velocity of the Q ball. In other words, a collision of Biela in the asteroid belt sent thousands of asteroid pieces in all directions -- some in the exact orbit of the comet, some in new elliptic orbits, and some in parallel orbits with the Earth between Earth and Mars.
The first collision broke Biela into two distinct nuclei. Successive collisions broke it to bits. There are several types of meteors -- some are rock and metal material like the meteorite we found, and some are comet material -- more easily vaporized in the upper atmosphere.
Some asteroids hurled out of the belt by the Biela collision continued in the same orbit as the comet, but with greater imparted velocity, eventually arriving a year earlier than the expected return of the comet! This cluster of crushed asteroid material composed of mineral and metal did not vaporize as easily as the comet material. It came down in a ballistic pattern as described on our web site, igniting fires from Michigan to Illinois and clear up into northern Wisconsin.
The reason we can be quite sure of the hypothesis is the physical evidence: we have the biggest recovered piece. Others have found large meteorites also -- all along the same trajectory -- east to west.

Lastly, we should look at the Tunguska event in 1908 in Russia.    This is not likely to be the same asteroid belt as the 1871 Biela Comet Belt, since Biela comet has a period of 6.6 years, indicating a return visit in 1904 or 1910.6.

Funny though, there appears to be only 1 picture that exists from the Tunguska Event, and it clearly shows not just that the trees were knocked down, but they were also torched, no branches or leaves remain.   And the naysayers pimp the idea that space rocks don't get hot enough to start fires.


  1. The Tunguska Event was caused by Tesla's Death Ray. Read his biography.

  2. Indeed, at least it looks like long time periods between asteroid we got that going for us, LOL

  3. Very late here but the 'Electric Universe' model has comets/meteorites as highly charged entities, so powerful discharges would be expected. A 'comet' destroyed Britain in the time of King Arthur written out of history but not out of science, Mike Baillie dendochronologist, and I think Victor Clube + Napier astronomers.

    1. Thanks for the comment, timely enough in my book! Indeed, I think that at least part of the Grand Unification Theory is like an elephant hiding in front of our noses. Indeed the earthquake effects and volcano effects of comets is amazing. I did some studies and posted on this blog, search for "comet". The gravitational effects of some of these comets are totally negligible, and yet they have a massive impact. Is it "electric" or is there another "soup" that our universe sits in that gets disturbed by these fast moving rocks. My money is on the Soup.