Sunday, January 20, 2013

Radiation Spread in the Pacific, a good model

This model does self admit that they are completely ignoring the effects of bio accumulation, which would make things much worse.    Looks like Hawaii is already seeing the ocean impact.

The red zone is 1/1000 times less than the original dispersion in Japan.    That doesn't sound all that great considering they just caught a fish with 254,000 Bq per kG at the Fukushima harbor.    Anything above 100 Bq/kG is extremely bad.    Eating 1kG of this fish is like a total of 2 years of total radiation exposure, and ITS INTERNAL!


  1. Used to live to be in the ocean, now not as exciting.

  2. This will impact the state of California's tourism business and the surf industry . I've been surfing since age 4 or since 1958 an live to surf . This will impact almost everyone I know .
    The fact is there are no safe dose's of radiation period and anyone who says that its only small amounts is ignorant to the real facts.