Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Radiation Spreading Across the US -- Update

I wrote an article a few days ago that got picked up by the "big blogs" and news gatherers, and even 4 outlets in Japan which brought in around 4000 Japanese visitors.  

And ya think that they Japanese are not paying attention to radiation?   They are on it.

Heck, I even installed a translator!

The data comes from Higgins

If you like this stuff, sign up as a follower....weird, 10,000 visitors in 2 days and only 5 followers.

Here are some more captures from today.


  1. I can tell you why so few followers -- it's because the information on your blog is terrifying. I can only read a little at a time, usually on nights where I don't need a lot of sleep.

  2. thanks I think, LOL
    Please use it as an anti-insomnia tool

  3. It is good to keep humor as we eliminate the nuke farce one by one. After all, like that Japanese scientist says, if you are smiling the radiation can't hurt you, LOL

    Thanks for dropping in, where are you from?

  4. Private. I am an italian of Paris back home... And my english is ... !

  5. http://aipri.blogspot.it/2012/06/nouvel-inventaire-des-combustibles-des.html

  6. One of my "favorite" question about Fuskuhima: What is the weight of the second explosion plume ? (Implicit question is the pool empty ?)

  7. Not happy you not desagree... I read your text. Tomorow i study better. But (unfortunatly...) it seeem me realistic.