Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Radiation Continues Spreading and Spiking Across USA

Oct 10, 2012 reporting from Honolulu

We noted in a prior post that "Something Happened around September 17"  and radiation spiked high in a number of US cities, but especially the Pacific Northwest. 

These are the areas that were the hardest hit by Fukushima the first time around, as the jet stream usually makes a beeline for them.

I was hoping that would be a week or so spike, and then back to normal, but that is not the case, and the radiation continues to spread east and south.  Disturbingly, over half of the Radnet data has gone black, especially in the bigger cities.   Your tinfoil hat won't protect you from this radiation fallout, no matter how thick.  

This is time to alert your friends and neighbors, anything over 100 Clicks Per Minute (CPM) is time to get concerned, and now there are MANY places up over 100, some at 500.  Exposure to 100CPM for a year gives you a significantly increased chance of cancer....and that is just from getting hit externally with the radiation.    If you breath it in, it can be 20 times worse.    Exposure to 500 CPM for 90 days gives you a significantly increased chance of cancer.

Please review this handy Cheat Sheet on radiation.   Nuke Pro blog made this summary sheet in order to send a Geiger to Japan for local testing by Japanese families.

Source data for the charts is here, check it out, see how many have gone black

 What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! LOL


  1. Perhaps the OMG! spikes around the 27th aren't from Japan? Or from anywhere on Earth for that matter? Maybe... just PERHAPS... it's Earth entering the fringes of the inner Photon Belt? Now, if it IS from Japan... -IF that's from only ONE Nuke plant- we're scr*#ed... only four thousand to go.
    Prof. Marc "The Arc" - Boulder, CO

    1. Look at the pattern fits perfect with a combo jet stream, wind movement, and tsunami debris washing up, with the radiation laden water not far behind (stuff floating on water moves faster because the wind blows it)