Sunday, March 25, 2012

Toxicity of Plutonium, Chelation

I never did believe that "one speck of plutonium" will kill you

But it sure looks like bad stuff, real bad, read up.

Even the EPA (credible or not) says it is serious:
Once in the bloodstream, plutonium moves throughout the body and into the bones, liver, or other body organs. Plutonium that reaches body organs generally stays in the body for decades and continues to expose the surrounding tissue to radiation.

I did a few hours of research on Chelation via EDTA and others.    Looks very effective if the Pu and Ur are just in your blood, way less effective once they bury into your bones and organs, but still somewhat effective.

There are oral intakes and supposedly stomach acid destroys much of the EDTA right away, and suppository, and IV.    If I felt that I was severely contaminated, and I had no medical backup, I would self adminster this   IF I also has access to all the replacement vitamins.    

So what I am saying is that this is a serious thing, and there is only one scenario under which I would self-administer without medical backup.

We got dosed, no doubt, how badly, very hard to say.   Don't expect much help---this problem is too big to solve.

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