Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nuclear Poems by Curly, Never Trust an Atoms, and Gratuitous Zombies

OK I am channeling my inner geek, I actually bought my first over $15 t-shirt, LOL.    At the swap meet at Aloha stadium they have cheap tshirts 7 for $20, and pretty good quality T-shirts at 5 for $20.

But I guarantee I won't look as good as this model, LOL

Maybe I'' coin my own t-shirt...."Never Trust an Atoms Abuser, Atoms stay mad a long time"

Yes, it's very plain to see
Deadly toxins kill the bee.
Talk of torture in the news
Death in Furgeson if you choose.

In this age of endless war
Important is your credit score.
"The precious" is a bottom line.
Forget those starfish in decline.

In the streets a protester cries
Wiping tear gas from his eyes
"A little justice would be nice"
American pie–give us a slice."

From uranium's daughters none can run
Sleezyum is my favorite one
I'm sure you've all met americum
But may I please introduce californicum

So well we know it's all a mess
But how can we get redress
Everything tried with little sucksess
Alas, a secret I must nigh confess

Achilles invincible 'cept for his heel
T'was Goliath's fate one stone did seal
But to see this modern monster downed
The silver bullet has been found!

Right in your hand is held the key,
Arrow and stone to set us free.
Slide it in your ignition switch.
Do the implication make you twitch?

Now poke your chariot into gear
Rev your engine, dispell all fear
Have success where all else failed
When you're sold out and banks get bailed.

Into beasty arteries you need drive
For coagulation you must strive.
Stop the blood to its brain
Watch now, she writhes in so much pain.

Now don't feel sorry for the beast
A world's treasures she has fleeced
And to mention not your health least.
Justice found, now the beast deceased.

And some more Snorg Ts Chicks

And is this the new Troll 5.0?   There sure is a lot of money trying to disrupt ENENEWS and the anti-nuclear movement.

And finally, an oldie but goody, 93 one liner lies of nuke set to music and video.

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