Sunday, January 8, 2012

What should the average person be doing now for basic protection

The biggest thing is “internal emitters” once you get a Hot Particle in your body, it is way way more dangerous than just walking by a radioactive zone.

Those internal emitters can stay for quite awhile and blast away at the particular cells they are next too.  This continued bludgeoning of nearby cells can create a double double strand break and when they recombine they can recombine wrong, and be a start of cancer.

Rain brings radiation down, for sure

1)      Minimize activity in the rain, wear a poncho

2)      Run 2 or 3 HEPA filters in your house, best to throw away the filter, but you can blow it off but that re-releases particles to your neighborhood.  You should be doing this anyway, but do it more now, run them 24/7

3)      Take anti-oxidants, they get rid of free radicals which is one of the things caused by radiation.  Vitamin C and E are common and cheap.   You should be doing this anyway

4)      Run a charcoal filter (at least) for your drinking water, really consider doing an RO system, it doesn’t have to be for whole house, just your drinking water supply, even for the shower is not really needed unless for some reason you know that you got really bad water.   You should be doing this anyway.

5)      When you hear any Corporate Troll or Gov official stating “There is no immediate danger” put your ears up like a German Shepherd and listen hard to what they are not saying or what they are trying to avoid saying.   Go visit some tin-foil hat blogs like this one….they got some crazies (sorry its true) but also some really info, and the third one, an ex-nuke guy.  You should be doing this anyway.

6)      Build your “Shelter in Place” box of supplies, It is also good as a “to go” box, probably 2 big boxes actually.

See all you have to do extra is stay out of the rain!   LOL Stay safe

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